• United Methodist Open Door

    We began in 1965 as the United Methodist Urban Ministry of Wichita by a group of Methodist clergy and laity who felt the church should be more responsive to the advocacy needs of our society.

  • Food

    We provide nutritionally balanced emergency food assistance once per month to families and individuals in need.

  • Shelter

    We offer several different shelter options: Our Homeless Resource Center, Safety Net Housing, Transitional Housing and VisionQuest.

  • Clothing

    Our Klothes Kloset provides free clothing for infants, children and adults.

  • Food

    We provide the largest community-wide food box program.

  • Shelter

    Our Shelter options can provide individuals and families with a place to live as they get back on their feet.

  • Clothing

    The Klothes Kloset can provide families and individuals with free clothing once a month.

News and Events

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act provided several incentives for charitable giving. These provisions only apply to the 2020 tax year at this time.

* The CARES Act added a $300 per return (regardless of filing status) deduction for cash giving by those who do not itemize deductions. Fewer people can itemize after the standard deduction was increased beginning in 2018, so this is a welcome change.

* The portion of one’s Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) that can be offset by donations is increased to 100% (from 60%) for cash gifts. Any excess over 100% carries forward up to five years subject to the normal 60% AGI limit each year.

* The percentage AGI limit for food inventory donations by restaurants is raised to 25% (from 15%)

* The percentage AGI limit for cash giving by taxable corporations is also raised to 25% (from 15%)

* These higher limits do not apply if given to private foundations or donor-advised funds. Nor do they apply to gifts of property.

Other incentives for giving remain in place.

* Gifts to Open Door in the form of appreciated stock allow the full value to be deducted from income while avoiding tax on the unrealized gain (subject to a 30% AGI limit), for those who itemize.

* Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCD’s) from individual retirement accounts (IRAs) are excluded from income. Thus, those who do not itemize effectively obtain a deduction because the IRA distribution would be taxable if taken personally. Each person over 70 ½ at year end can exclude up to $100,000 of QCD’s from his/her IRA. This technique is available in 2020 even though required minimum distributions (RMDs) are suspended for 2020, and the age requirement remains at 70 ½ in spite of the RMD age being raised to age 72.

* Several other techniques remain available such as charitable lead trusts, charitable remainder trusts, and gifts as part of your estate plan.


30th Annual B98 and Open Door Virtual Turkey Drive

Due to Covid19 we are not hosting an on-site food drive. To help struggling families in our community this holiday season donate on-line or by sending in your check to Open Door, P.O. Box 2756, Wichita, KS 67202. Your donation goes to support the Community Food Ministry’s holiday food box distribution. Please indicate that your donation […]

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The Giving Hope Society

The Giving Hope Society is a group of dedicated annual donors who join to support the mission of Open Door by providing an unrestricted donation starting at the Hope level of $1,000. Each society member is a piece of the puzzle. The assembled pieces create the vision of hope for our community. To donate visit […]

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