Memorials and Tributes


Memorial gifts are a great way for an individual, a group or an organization to remember a deceased family member, colleague, friend or even a pet.  If you are interested in establishing a memorial with Open Door, we ask that you please contact us beforehand if possible, so that we have the information about who is being memorialized and the contact information for next of kin.  Open Door will send a list of people contributing to the memorial (without their gift amounts) to the next of kin.  We also provide a receipt to those contributing, as long as we have a valid mailing address.


Tribute gifts to honor the living are a great way to acknowledge the influence someone has had on you, or the kindness of another. We often see tributes made to honor a child, grandchild, parent, sibling, friend, colleague or teacher.  Open Door will mail a card to the person being honored informing them they are being honored and by whom.

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