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2011 statistics tell us that 15.1% of Kansans are food insecure meaning that the person is unsure of where they will get their next meal. In Sedgwick County that percentage increases to 15.9%. The surrounding counties range from 12.6% to 14.5%. Many more individuals and families live below this line. Open Door strives to provide the basics of good nutritional food (…)



15.4% of Wichitans live in poverty with certain neighborhoods having over 40% of the residents living in extreme poverty (2010 Census). Having clothes that will be appropriate for the work place or school can make all the difference in taking the next step out of poverty. The Klothes Kloset provides free clothing for infants, children (…)



Each year the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires a Point-in-Time count of the homeless. Wichita/Sedgwick County held its count on January 31, 2013. That one day “snapshot” found 538 homeless of which 71 were unsheltered and approximately 450 were in families. Obviously there are more (…)